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What is Music_SDP?

The Music and Sound Design Platform (also referred to as Music_SDP and MSDP) is free and open-source software built for electronic and electroacoustic music performance, production, improvisation, and experimentation. Music_SDP is a DAPE, or Digital Audio Performance Environment, functioning similarly to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), but designed with a special modular structure built for live performances. MSDP provides a non-linear, infinitely expandable, totally hackable, easy-to-use interface for sound design that encourages and rewards exploration and experimentation. It is a great platform for beginners and professionals alike, and provides all the tooling and control needed to make wild new sounds, build complex sonic projects, and execute flawless performances.

What can Music_SDP do?

Versitile Sound Design

Music_SDP includes synthesis tools, audio file manipulation processes, a large collection of effects, and a variety of control mechanisms, making it an extremely versitile tool that is right at home in any musical genre or medium of sonic creativity. The ability to route audio in parallel or sequence to and from any location in your project fosters exploration and experimentation. The complete control over parameters without limitation rewards curiosity and leads to exciting and often unexpected sonic results. Record entire musical creations, or export sonic experiments into your favorite DAW workflow.

Exciting Performances

Every module in Music_SDP is built for live performance, and interfaces have been designed to be easy to navigate during a show or concert. A weath of control options gives you the power you need to execute your performances flawlessly, and repeatably. Whether it's hardware mapping, time-based automation, or pitch tracking and score following, Music_SDP provides the tools you require.

What makes Music_SDP unique?

A level playing field

Since everything is a module in Music_SDP, everything is equally important. There's no need to think about audio vs MIDI tracks, no need to start your signal chain with an instrument. Place any module anywhere, and organize, or disorganize, your project to your own style of making.

Powerful, but easy

Chaotic Synthesizers, Granular Tools, Glitch Effects, Score Following, DJ Scratching, and more! Each module is Music_SDP is a powerhouse tool designed to help you make something really wild and exciting, and each process comes with in-depth control. Dials give you a comfortable range to begin working with, and offer manual control to try out more extreme options. Our unique signal flow paradigm makes it easy to connect all of our tools together without messy patch cables, and our streamlined module design makes each part of your project flow clear and easy to understand.

Non-linear Design

While traditional DAWS restrict signal processing to a linear flow of synthesizers to plugins, audio in MSDP can flow anywhere: up, down, left, right, diagonally, skipping over modules, or across multiple levels of pedal boards. Signals can be processed in parallel and in sequence, and outputs can be routed to as many modules as desired. There are no restrictions on how your signal flows, beyond your own imagination and creativity.

Expandable Project Building

Projects in Music_SDP can be as simple as a single module, or as large as your computer can handle. Our pedal boards are infinitely expandable, projects can contain any number of boards, and modules can communicate across boards. Create a complex web of interconnected parts, without having to drag a single patch cable.

Completely Hackable

Music_SDP is powered by Max 8, the world's most popular music language, and the code is completely open-source. If you're a programmer, and Music_SDP doesn't do something you want it to, just download the source code and start hacking. Templates make it easy to get you started, and a convenient set of abstractions exist along with a module builder to make it simple to expand on the included functionality.

Who is Music_SDP For?

Experimental Performers

With so many powerful, performance-centric tools, MSDP is a dream-come-true for people looking to take their live shows to the next level. Load pedals up, build your control of choice, and get playing. Whether you are a member in a ten-piece band, or an ensemble of one; a performer in a laptop orchestra, or a one-of-a kind laptop musician - this is the tool for you.

Sound Designers

Music_SDP isn't just for performance. Craft rich and exciting sounds from any combination of our 70+ modules, record them, and import it into your DAW-oriented projects to add something new and exciting to your mix. Whether it's the stochastic file player, live granulator, scratch pad, or any of our other unique and innovative tools, our modules will help you find the sound that makes your track stand out. Every module is designed to be quick to master and fun to explore.

Electronic and Electroacoustic Composers

Built by a composer, Music_SDP is a complete toolbox for crafting and performing engaging and unexpected electroacoustic and electronic works. Tools like pitch-trackers and automation scores make it easy to build repeatable performances, with or without an engineer on hand for the show. Stochastic tools like the randomator make it easy to add elements of chance and chaos to make each performance unique.

Who Makes Music_SDP?

The Music_SDP Team

Dr. Hugh Lobel is the creator and lead developer of The Music and Sound Design Platform, and a team of contributors provide additional support in the form of module design, platform expansion, graphic asset creation, and QA testing.

Current Contributors

Dirk Leas, Michael Mann

Previous Contributors

Dean Berlinerblau, Chandler Spoon

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The Music and Sound Design Platform is 100% free and completely open-source. Music_SDP utilizes the GNU General Public License v3.
The source code is hosted on Github.

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