Music_SDP 2.0 Feature Reveal 2

Metronome Sync in Modules, Signal Automator, and More!


Demo Tracks

All tracks in this playlist have been made exclusively with Music_SDP

Tracks made with Music_SDP in combination with other music programs

Video Tutorials & Demonstrations

Introduction Tutorials – Videos in this playlist demonstrate how to navigate through the Music & Sound Design Platform software. Videos begin basic and progress into more involved concepts as the playlist advances.

Module Tutorials - Videos in this playlist demonstrate the functionality of various Music_SDP modules. These videos presume that you've watched the introduction tutorials and are ready to start making music!

Practical Tutorials - Videos in this playlist show off the system in-use. Whether it's building synthesizers, managing a project, or even watching a jam session, there's lots of great demonstrations of how to to make music in the program!

Advanced System Tutorials - Videos in this playlist show off the more in-depth systems in the Music and Sound Design Platform. After watching our set of basic tutorials, come here to learn more about what the program has to offer!

Source Code Tutorials - Are you a Max 8 programmer, who would like to dive into the code to make your own modules or expansions to the program? If so, this series is for you. It includes a primer for working with the project, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of building your own modules!

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The Music and Sound Design Platform is 100% free and completely open-source. Music_SDP utilizes the GNU General Public License v3.
The source code is hosted on Github.

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