What is Music_SDP?


The Music and Sound Design Platform (also referred to as Music_SDP and MSDP) is free and open-source software built for electronic and electroacoustic music performance, production, improvisation, and experimentation. Music_SDP is a DAPE, or Digital Audio Performance Environment, functioning similarly to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), but designed with a special modular structure built for live performances.

Music_SDP is built and maintained in the programming language Max/MSP (now just called Max), and many of the processes in the program directly access the built in library of effects. Other tools are processes built from the ground up in the language, and provide completely unique sounds and functions. Music_SDP relies minimally on third-party externals, and all processes and functions are either built by the creator, by contributors, or are modified with permission from the Max Examples library. Because of the close relationship between Cycling 74 (the developers of Max), and Ableton, many of the interactive buttons and bits used in this code resemble the control elements found in Ableton Live. This should make it easier for Ableton users to feel at home in Music_SDP but this does not mean that it can be used directly in Ableton. A Max for Live (M4L) version may be released in the future, but there is no current timeline for development.

Music_SDP is currently in beta form, but that does not mean that it is incomplete. New features are constantly being added, and will be added to the program in the future, and it is completely functional in its current state. Users are already performing and creating with Music_SDP across the globe. The program may be used to create, perform, and distribute your own music, and no recognition is required. However, I would love to hear about your experiences using the program and I’d love to hear the music that you create with the toolbox! Please feel free to email me to tell me about your creations and to share your music with me. I can be contacted at news@musicsdp.com.

-Hugh Lobel, Creator and Project Lead for The Music and Sound Design Platform