Data Modules

Data modules are used to generate and send control data for and to other modules in your projects. Data modules fall into the categories of: Note Generators, Control, and MIDI Tools.

1. Note Generators

These modules function specifically to create MIDI note information that can be used to ‘perform’ any of the Instrument modules in the Sound menu.

2. Control

These are designed to help you control parameter changes for other modules in your project. They allow you to design hardware interfaces, generate pre-built and stochastic parameter changes, sync parameter change with the metronome, and even allow you to craft complex scores. This is also where you’ll find the LFO and Signal automator - tools that allow for synchronization between multiple modules and the master metronome.

3. MIDI tools

These tools make it possible to load MIDI files, manipulate MIDI files, and can even convert an audio signal into MIDI data. This MIDI data can then be sent to Instruments, or on to other control modules for further manipulation.