Sound Modules

Sound modules are used to generate audio, load and manipulate audio files, and to filter or modify an audio signal. The Sound modules are split into the following categories: Audio Tools, Instruments, Filters and Effects, Buffer Effects, and Utilities

1. Audio Tools

These are a general assortment of tools to help you manage audio in your project. They include audio file players, a compressor and EQ, a signal visualizer and volume control, and more.

2. Instruments

These are the signal generators in MSDP. They include both traditional and non-traditional ways of making music. Our Additive, A+2, and Subtractive synthesizers cover the basics of additive, subtractive, FM, and AM synthesis, while the Chaos Synthesizer, Stochastic Grains, and others delve into the more experimental sides of music making.

3. Filters

These tools manipulate audio, which can be received from your audio interface or from other modules in your project. They include traditional tools like chorus and flanger, along with some more unique tools like our personal take on the morphing filter.

4. Buffer Filters

These filters take advantage of audio buffers to make for even wilder effects. The live and file granulators can totally demolish and re-build both live and pre-recorded audio, the glitch pad allows you to scrub through your audio file to turn it into mulch, and there’s plenty more where that came from…

5. Utilities

These are project management tools, and include the things we need to make live easier in our signal flow. The Signal Splitter allows us to take one channel and send it to four different channels, the Meta-Box lets us load an entire pedal board into a module, and in general, these help us keep our bigger ideas under control.