EZ Audio Player

The EZ Audio File Player

The EZ Audio Player makes it possible to quickly load and play up to four audio files from one location. Files may be paused and resumed, loop points may be set, and volume may be set, individually.

Module Parameters

1. Signal Outputs - Select up to two locations to send the audio signal out.
2. Load File 1 - Opens the Audio File Loader, allowing you to load an audio file into the first player.
3. Play / Stop File 1 - Toggles On/Off the first player.
4. Pause / Resume File 1 - While playing, pause will stop playback but maintain the current position. Resume will continue playback from that location.
5. Loop File 1 - when the Loop parameter is toggled on, the audio file will loop back to the beginning selection and begin again when the audio file reaches the end of the selection.
6-7. Loop Start and Stop File 1 - Start and stop locations can be created by clicking on the waveform and dragging the mouse over the requested region for playback. Alternately, values (in milliseconds) can be directly input into the two number boxes below the waveform.
8. Volume File 1 - Determine the output volume for the first player.

9-15 - These are repeats of parameters 2-8, but for the second file player.
16-22 - These are repeats of parameters 2-8, but for the third file player.
23-29 - These are repeats of parameters 2-8, but for the fourth file player.

The View Routing List button in the top left corner of the module will open up the Routing List window. This displays the same information listed above.