The SpectroView Module and Big View

Spectroview allows you to view the spectral image of a signal path as a spectrogram or a sonogram. The module provides a few control options to modify the display. Like all signal paths in MSDP, the SpectroView works on live signals, so it isn’t ideal for seeing the overall spectral image of a file or recording.

Customizing the SpectroView

SpectroView contains a variety of control parameters:

1. Choose Input - Select the input pair to recieve a signal from another module.
2. Choose Outputs - Choose up to two output pairs to send the signal on to another module, or out to the Master Out path. The signal is not modified by the spectroscope in any way. 3. Graph Type - Select either spectrogram or sonogram to update the spectral display.
4. Orientation - Set the display to update new information either horizontally or vertically.
5. Data Type - Spectral information can be viewed as either amplitude or phase. 6. Frequency Scale - The Y-axis (frequency) can be scaled logarithmically or linearly.
7. Amplitude Scale - The Z-axis (amplitude or phase as color) can be scaled either logarithmically or linearly.
8. Interval - Determines the interval (in milliseconds) at which the display is updated.
9. Draw - Determines the direction the data is drawn, when the module is set to output as a spectrogram.