Collections are coming this weekend with MSDP 2.0.5

Feb 11, 2019

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MSDP 2.0.5 is coming this weekend, and along with some critical bug fixes, we were able to squeeze in one update that didn’t quite make it into the initial 2.0 launch!

The 2.0 update may have been massive, but there was one major addition that didn’t quite make the cut. This weekend, we’re releasing an update that brings that feature to the program, and this is one that will likely improve the workflow of every single one of our users.

We are excited to introduce: Collections

Making it easier than ever to build your next project - and the next one, and the next one...

Collections are presets, boards, and media files that can be accessed and opened in any project on a user’s computer.

Collections come in two varieties:
1. System Collections are media files, boards, and presets that are included with MSDP and available on every computer and available to every user. We have boards to help quick-start your projects, audio and video files to play with, and more.
2. User Collections are media files, boards, and presets that a user can add once, and use again and again in any project on their computer - integrated natively into their regular workflow.

To help make collections work, we’ve revised the recently added Media Manager - and renamed it as the Project Manager. The Project Manager expands on what was available in the media manager by adding a boards list, and including a new set of tabs that lets you switch between project files, user collections, and system collections.

Growing Your User Collections

This really does make things easier...

To add exported board files, media files, and plugins to your collections, simply drag and drop the files into your Project Manager while the ‘User Collections’ tab is active.

so easy to use...

To add a board that you have open, simply click on the new ‘Add to Collections’ button. This will save the open board directly to your User Collections, and will make it immediately available in any other project you open on that computer.

seriously easy to use...

To add a preset to your collections, simply use the new ‘Save Preset in Collections’ option in the preset dropdown menu. The preset can then be used for that module in any project that you open on that computer.

Critical Bug Fixes

We’ve also used this time to stress test the program, and have been listening to feedback from users. We’ve pinpointed bugs and issues of various sizes, and worked to eliminate every one that has come up.

The list of bug fixes will be released alongside this weekends update.

While I have your attention, have you seen the latest Module Spotlight video, where I use the LFO Automator and Signal Automator to synchronize events between the master metronome, a Stochastic Granulator instrument, and several video effects? It’s pretty informative, and includes some really useful insight into an easy setup for audio-reactive video effects. Check it out here:

There’s another announcement on the way about the future of the MSDP community, but I’ll leave that for this weekend’s release!

MSDP is a project headed by Hugh Lobel, but it receives additional input from multiple contributors and thrives on feedback and help from it's active community. If you enjoy the software, visit MSDP's social media accounts and share your thoughts. MSDP has a facebook page, an instagram account, a twitter account, a subreddit, and a YouTube channel, and we love engagement on all fronts! If you really love the project, please consider becoming a donor on Patreon, where you can download custom-built presets, boards, and projects, and where you can get early-access to new modules before they make it into the next release. If you prefer to give a one-time gift, you can use the Donate button below to send us a donation of any size via PayPal.

To sign off, I’d like to say thank you to our users for your belief in our project, and for all of the contributions to the MSDP community. Your engagement gives this program purpose, and inspires us to continue working.

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

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