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Mar 13, 2019

Download MSDP 2.1.0 now!

We’ve just released three new video modules on Patreon. A new VSynth module is available to everyone!

Everyone can download the VS-Displacement module

Grab the new modules on Patreon!

The ChromaKeyer and LumaKeyer are also available now to all Patreon patrons in the $5 tier.

Today marks the first release of pre-release modules for MSDP, and this trio of tools will become a staple for everyone who’s making video projects.

The ChromaKeyer and LumaKeyer modules allow you to expose a portion of one video stream onto another video stream, either by replacing a specific color (the ChromaKeyer) or by replacing anything above a luminescence threshold (LumaKeyer). Green screening, where a green background is replaced with another scene, is one example of this type of process. The ChromaKeyer could be used to green screen a performance in real time.

Three new flavors to try out

The VS-Displacement module provides a port of the same module from Kevin Kripper’s VSynth library for Max. This module allows you to displace the pixels of one video stream by the pixel information of another stream. This can create ripples, rotations, zooming, and other effects like embossing one video onto another!

We will provide all pre-release Vsynth modules to everyone, without needing to be a patron, to respect the developers wishes that they not be used in any commercial setting. As with all of our VSynth modules, we’d like to humbly thank Kevin Kripper for allowing us to port his fantastic library into MSDP. If you use the VSynth modules in MSDP and would like to support him, you can do so on HIS patreon page, which can be found here:

Remember, these modules are being distributed in a pre-release state. The pre-release versions are shared as a thank you to our community, and to our supporters. They might contain bugs, and might not be the same as the versions that are released in the official update. Each of these modules will become available to everyone, whether you are a patron or not, in the next official MSDP update.

MSDP is a project headed by Hugh Lobel, but it receives additional input from multiple contributors and thrives on feedback and help from it's active community. If you enjoy the software, visit MSDP's social media accounts and share your thoughts. MSDP has a facebook page, an instagram account, a twitter account, a subreddit, and a YouTube channel, and we love engagement on all fronts! If you really love the project, please consider becoming a donor on Patreon, where you can download custom-built presets, boards, and projects, and where you can get early-access to new modules before they make it into the next release. If you prefer to give a one-time gift, you can use the Donate button below to send us a donation of any size via PayPal.

To sign off, I’d like to say thank you to our users for your belief in our project, and for all of the contributions to the MSDP community. Your engagement gives this program purpose, and inspires us to continue working.

-Hugh Lobel, and the Music_SDP team.

Download MSDP 2.1.0 now!

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