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The Music and Sound Design Platform

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Metronome Sync in Modules, Signal Automator, and More!


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Music_SDP has all of tools you need to breathe life and energy into any live performance.

GUITAR/ KEYBOARD/ VOCALISTS – Design the ultimate effects pedals with endless possible combinations.

LAPTOP MUSICIANS – Create wild and innovative music in real-time.

ELECTRONIC COMPOSERS- Designed intentionally for electronic and electroacoustic music, Music_SDP is the perfect composition performance platform!

What is MSDP?

The Music and Sound Design Platform
(also known as Music_SDP or MSDP)

is not what you’ve come to expect from your standard music software. We’ve redefined how your favorite music-making tools are used, and created a platform that is designed from the ground up for live performance, experimentation, creation, and exploration. Gone is the linear, track-oriented design of the traditional digital audio workstation. In it’s place is an infinitely expandable, modular system based off a guitar pedal board paradigm. Just like a guitarist might connect a chorus pedal to a distortion effect, Music_SDP modules are built to be chained together. But with infinite expandability, these modules can go a lot further.

What Can MSDP Do?

Our pedal boards include more than 70 modules that span the creative spectrum: build instruments, manipulate audio files, add effects to your live instruments, create, manipulate, and explore melodies and much more. Our tools range from industry standards like the Drum Machine and Studio Equalizer to experimental designs like the Stochastic Granulator instrument and the Crash Override glitch effect. Sing or play into the system to blow open the possibilities of what you can do, and use the built-in instruments to design your sounds from scratch. Send signals across any number of modules and even across multiple pedal boards. Build non-linearly and discover new artistic possibilities with every combination and permutation.

What Makes MSDP Unique?

Music_SDP was made from the ground up for live performance, and each part of the system is crafted to run in real-time. Our system design makes it ideal to use at shows by putting access to each part of your project at your fingertips while giving you tools to minimize clutter. If you’re a composer, projects are easy to share with your performers so that they can take the music on the road.

Who is MSDP For?

| Free to use |
| free to share |
| free to grow |

The Music and Sound Design Platform is 100% free and completely open-source. Music_SDP utilizes the GNU General Public License v3.
The source code is hosted on Github.

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